Our Story

Sound Helm LLC is s a Utah based company with a passion for outdoors and music.  We’ve engineered a unique audio system.  The concept is quite simple, inject tunes into your environment.  Sound Helm is passionate about calculated risk taking.  We like adrenaline and know you do to.  We also know you don’t want to die because you can’t hear what’s coming. 

I’m Casey and I started this company with a dream, one where I could have my music with me wherever I went, enhancing my world and putting a sound track to my adventures as I had them.  Making each turn groove like a record needle tracking the vinyl of my Led Zeppelin album.  Ear buds didn’t’ do it form me so I set out on the quest to create.  I started with a little help from my friends and a 3d printer. 

Today we are selling our premiere product, the APHIX.  It’s made local and each one is assembled and personally scrutinized before it’s packaged and sent to you.

We couldn’t find joy by suffering in a music-less world, neither should you.