Near-Ear Audio

Keeping your ears open is essential for a complete and tactile auditory experience when engaging in high stakes activities such as biking, climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and mountaineering.  Choosing to wear a helmet means you care about your safety.  Near-Ear Audio keeps you safe.  Putting in earbuds compromises your audio awareness.  Obstructing the natural features of your ears blocks your ability to hear where sounds in your environment are coming from…and can even block them from being heard at all. 

Near-Ear Audio keeps your ears fully open and adds music.  Placing a speaker right above your ear adds a soundtrack that becomes part of your experience without compromising your environmental awareness.  Chat with your friends, stay connected to your belayer, keep in touch with the city around you.

Your addiction to adventure doesn’t have to suffer and be music free.  Protect your head with a helmet, and then rock on with injected tunes from your Sound Helm APHIX system.