Do you want to listen to music while you do cool things?  Is there something holding you back?  Do you compromise with one earbud in?

Here's the news, you can have it all.  Music, awareness, stereo, interaction with your friends, great times to be had.  You can be safe and hear what you're coming up on or what's up and coming on you.  You can have stereo music injection that sounds like it's a soundtrack added to your ride.  You can still talk with your cohorts and be listening to music they'd hate (keep it a bit low so they don't catch on to you).  Seriously, the product we're offering will change your ride, forever.  Check it out on our latest videos on YouTube or by perusing our Instagram or Facebook pages.

We're stoked to be offering a product to help make your rides top notch, as all rides should be.  Sound Helm is here to make that happen for you, we've been enjoying it for years, now it's your turn.

--Mr. Sound Helm

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