Sound Helm at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020

On the heels of our product launch we had the opportunity to attend the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit at the Salt Palace.  What a great convention with tons of collaboration.  There was a plethora of information and advice available in many forums.  The start up pitches were a great addition and it was great to see colleagues in the start up world show their passion through presentation on stage.  

On a more personal note, I really liked hearing from some very successful and approachable people that marketing a product is really about connecting with people.  That was even emphasized in the Key Note from Mark Zuckerberg, after all that's how Facebook started...connecting people.  I also feel passionately about how a connection with your audience is valuable a mutual exchange.

We at Sound Helm have crafted and designed our product with feedback and conversations with our audience.  We are excited to launch our premiere product so that you too can now enjoy the full experience of music and nature integration in a solution matched for you. 

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