How does the audio connection work?

Audio is transmitted using a robust Bluetooth 4.2 APTX low latency connection from your Bluetooth enabled device to the Sound Helm APHIX audio unit. 

Navigation and volume is controlled using the buttons on the included helmet mounted control unit.  Clicking the +/- buttons will adjust the volume, holding the +/- buttons will skip or rewind songs.  The main button on the side will play/pause your music and a long press will power on or off the device.  Pairing mode is activated with a 4-second press of the main button on power up.  Audio cues and a discrete blue/red LED on the side provides power, connection, pairing, and charging status. 

The Bluetooth unit also features a top of the line CVC 6.0 noise reduction microphone system for taking calls while on your ride.  Your friends and family won't even know you're on a ride!

Last but not least!  The Bluetooth connected unit features a 15 hour battery life so you can keep on keepin-on all day long and forgetting to charge won't interrupt your flow.  Try it out and find out for yourself, ordering is easy and shipping is free for domestic USA adresses.

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